We are working full speed on brandnew features for you and would really appreciate your help.

All your users or testers will automatically be notified in the app if your app uses Bugbattle. They will receive a short tutorial on how to correctly use Bugbattle.

WordPress Plugin

Soon you will be able to install our Bugbattle Plugin to your WordPress site. We all know what that means: concise bug reports automatically logged with all the useful metadata for all your WordPress projects.

Flutter SDK

Get all our Bugbattle features for your Flutter apps with our brandnew Flutter SDK. With only two lines of code you will be able to integrate Bugbattle, and just like that users and testers can report bugs without ever leaving your app.


With our asana integration, tickets will be forwarded to your projects on asana.


You will no longer have to select duplicates manually. Bugbattle will do the job for you. Duplicates will automatically be stored in parent reports where you can still access them easily.

Automatic Data Blurring

This feature will make Bugbattle even more attractive for your users and offer you dual protection in terms of data security. All the users’ sensitive data will automatically be blurred out by Bugbattle without the users themselves taking any action.

Offline Mode

Report bugs with or without access to the internet. If your users report a bug offline, the issue will be communicated to you as soon as the user regains internet access.

Angular SDK

Add Bugbattle to your Angular projects in less than a minute and off you go. The Angular addition to our SDKs will allow you to use our tool in all of your web development projects.

React SDK

We have amazing news for all of you who use React for web development. Our React SDK will allow you to easily connect your website or web application to Bugbattle and hence streamline your bug reporting process.


Reproduce bugs with concise video Bugbattle Replay will put an end to wasting time on determining the causes of a bug forever. All our bug reports will automatically come with a replay video of the last steps a user took before a bug occured.

Slack Integration

Make sure you stay on top of your bug fixing game with our Slack integration. Everytime someone reports a bug, sends feedback or starts chatting you will immediately receive a notification in your selected slack channel.

GitHub Integration

Connect GitHub to Bugbattle to directly transfer every new bug report including all the metadata into your GitHub projects. With our GitHub integration you will no longer have to waste time trying to reproduce bugs or read emails, but you will be able to immediately start resolving issues.

Zapier Integration

Through Zapier you will be able to literally connect Bugbattle to any of your favorite tools. With our Zapier integration, automatic tickets will be created in your software of choice every time a new bug is reported.

Crash Reporting

With the introduction of Bugbattle crash reporting, you will immediately receive a notification if an unexpected crash occurred in one of your apps. Our detailed crash reports will make fixing a crash and communicating with your users so much easier.

Industrial Application

This one goes out to all of you working in or with an industrial company also wanting to streamline your bug reporting process. With our native SDKs we are bringing the next generation of bug reporting to bigger industrial enterprises.